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What me, impulsive? Nah....

Well at least I'm not the only one in my household. But it can be really fun. The past week has been a great example of this. For our 4th anniversary last month, my wife and I bought a 56 gallon freshwater setup. At the time we had a 10 gallon setup and 2.5 gallon that we were using to house babies from our livebearers. (Platy/swordtail hybrids, I think.) That was about 3 weeks ago. Today, we have a 46 gallon bow front, a 20 gallon, and another 10 gallon. Plus the 56 gallon and original 10 gallon tank. (Now both my of my daughters have their own 10g freshwater setup, the wife has the 46 g for her community ... mostly she wants a home for more more mollies and a peacock eel, but also probably some angels and a few red-eye tetras.) The pet store had a sale. We uhm, went a little crazy. (A complete 20G freshwater setup was only $40.) The 56 gallon display tank (24" tall) got converted to saltwater. This is my first marine tank. I only got it filled up last night. (And