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The Failed Promise

My dislike for C++ is well-known by those who know me.  As is my lack of fondness for Perl. I have a new one though.  Java.  Oracle and Apple have conspired to kill it. (I should say this much -- its been a long time, about a decade, since I developed any Java code.  Its entirely possible that I remember the language with more fondness than it truly warrants.  C++ was once beautiful too -- before ANSI went and mutated it beyond all hope back in 1990 or thereabouts.) Which is a shame, because Java started with such  promise.  Write-once, run-anywhere.  Strongly typed, and a paradigm for OO that was so far superior to C++.  (Multiple inheritance is the bane of semi-competent C++ engineers, who often can't even properly cope with pointers to memory.) For years, I bemoaned the fact that the single biggest weakness of Java was the fact that it was seen as a way to make more dynamic web pages.  (I remember HotJava -- what a revolutionary thing it was indeed.)  But even sta