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New Project Direction -- Audio

So, since some folks may be wondering what I'm up to, I thought I'd briefly mention it here. I've been asked to serve as tech. lead on the project integrate the software from 4Front's Open Sound System into OpenSolaris. Surprisingly, this task isn't quite as straight-forward as it might seem. There are a number of outstanding issues that have to be resolved before the project can integrate, and we're working frantically to get them all resolved. We've also staffed up the project enough to increase the man power significantly beyond what was associated with in the past. So we are looking to drive this project to successful conclusion soon. I'll have news about this in the future -- watch this space. But I will say this much -- it looks like in the not-distant-future there will be the ability to use OSS APIs from userland applications on *all* Solaris systems. This includes systems with older chips not supported by 4Front today, and Sun Ray thin clien

SDcard Status Update

For those of you who've been wondering what happened to the SDcard work... The technical work finished quite a while ago. However, due to some vague language in the disclaimers associated with the SDcard simplified specifications, Sun has decided it is best if we are a member and have a full license to the SDcard specifications (although only the simplified specs were used in its development.) Of course, this got the lawyers involved in reviewing license agreements and membership agreements, and purchasing machinery engaged, since there is now a transfer of funds involved. (The funds transfers have already been approved.) The very last hurdle to having this stuff in OpenSolaris is clearing the hurdles with the legal group (and the latest is some concern about trademark rules associated with the SDcard org.) Once we get those final hurdles cleared, hopefully I'll be able to putback the code. And yes, its all Open Source -- CDDL. Watch for in build 90 (hopefully). (The rule t