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No, Nanomsg is NOT dead

There seems to have been some pretty misleading data out on the Internet, indicating that " nanomsg is dead".  The main culprit here is a " postmortem " by Drew Crawford.  Unfortunately comments are apparently not working on that post according to Drew himself. The thing is this (apologies to Samuel Clemens):  "reports of the death of nanomsg have been greatly exaggerated". So it's time to set the record straight. I've been working hard on nanomsg, and the Scalability Protocols that are intrinsic to nanomsg for quite some time.  It has been generally occupied my full time paid job for approximately the past year.  I've been working on this stuff part time for longer than that. The main focus during this time has been a complete rewrite of the core library, known as  NNG .  NNG, or nanomsg-next-gen, aims to be a far superior version of nanomsg, with significant new capabilities, greatly improved reliability, scalability, extensibility,