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Boomer Beta Source Code Posted

Boomer, aka PSARC 2008/318 -- the new audio subsystem for Solaris, and the project I've been working on for the last several months -- has released source code for our work in progress. A status update and link to the webrev is available here.

Floppy drive suspend/resume fixed

Earlier today I just pushed a fix for suspend/resume when the machine has a floppy disk drive. Surprisingly, a lot of modern machines still have floppy disk drives in them, and this fix enables those platforms to participate in the S3 suspend work. The fix will be in b105. One such machine is the Dell Precision M390. I imagine there are many other desktop class systems of this nature. While suspend/resume has been focused largely on laptops (where battery life is a paramount concern), I suspect that enabling suspend-to-RAM for desktop class systems will ultimately have a larger environmental impact, since it is those systems that typically consume the most power. So, perhaps this small change will have a somewhat significant impact. If you have a platform that this enabled suspend/resume to work on, tell me about it. Include smbios output in your message, too. :-)

SDcard Fixes

I've heard a number of problems with folks trying to use SDcard with Ricoh controllers (such as found on certain newer Toshiba Tecra laptops), as well as lack of quiesce(9e) support, and various other problems. To address these problems, I've made a bunch of changes, and am looking for code reviewers and testers -- the webrev is an open review. I've made binaries available to anyone who wants to try these out. To try out the new binaries, just untar the sdcard-20081202.tar.gz file in your / directory. You might need to reboot for them to take effect. (If you know how to modunload the drivers from kernel memory, that will work too, provided that you don't have any SDcard media inserted at the time.) Please let me know any feedback you might have. Thanks.