Wednesday, September 26, 2007

SecureDigital, and other memory formats

So I've been tasked with writing a driver for the SecureDigital controller found on certain laptops. As part of this effort, I'd like to take a straw poll. If you could e-mail or post a comment on this blog, indicating your response, I'd be grateful. Note that this is only for folks with card readers that are *not* USB connected. (USB readers are already covered by USB mass storage.)

a) how many SDcard slots do you have?
b) do you use older MMC media?
c) do you have any SDIO peripherals? (I.e. devices other than memory cards.)
d) do you have slots other than SDcard (such as xD or memstick) that are important to you? Which ones? (Again, not for USB connected media readers!)
e) I'm interested in prtconf -vp output for different readers. If you're game, send it to me, along with the make and model of your laptop.


dmfe for x86 and unbundled PCI nics on SPARC

I've got a dmfe driver working on both SPARC and x86, and it supports some unbundled PCI NICs. (The original driver only worked with onboard dm9102s on certain SPARC hardware.) The Davicom 9102 part is not terribly common, but some low end NICs sold by companies like C/Net and Buffalo use it.

Hopefully this will be putback into snv75.

oops, qfe is b74

I lied... (not intentionally, I got confused.) The qfe GLDv3 port is in b74, not b73. Sorry!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

snv_73 goodness

Solaris Nevada b73, when it comes out, is going to have a lot of good NIC stuff in it.

* afe driver (putback yesterday)
* mxfe driver
* rtls on SPARC (including suspend/resume!)
* qfe GLDv3 support

Plus, there are a lot of good networking improvements; a lot of stale code was removed (defunct mobile IPv4 support, detangling NAT, etc.)

There's a bunch of carryover from snv_70-72 too...

I for one, can hardly wait.