Monday, January 31, 2011

New audio driver

I've just pushed

changeset: 13278:dabee83e3bb7
tag: tip
user: Garrett D'Amore
date: Mon Jan 31 17:40:15 2011 -0800
519 RFE audiocmihd
Reviewed by:
Reviewed by:
Reviewed by:
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Approved by:

This represents the first significant contribution to illumos by a third party other than Nexenta, and is also the first hardware driver illumos has support for which Solaris does not. This is for ASUS Xonar cards.

You can tell you have a card that could benefit from this if prtconf -vp | grep pci13f6,8788 shows a result.

I expect this will be introduced soon into a forthcoming OpenIndiana build. Enjoy, and a big thanks again to 4Front Technologies for making this contribution!

Welcome to new Nexentians

I'd like to take a minute to publicly welcome the following engineers, who are well known in the OpenSolaris community, to my team within Nexenta.

Dan McDonald - Dan just started today, and joins us from Oracle (and previously Sun), where he was one of the lead engineers on IPsec and networking security in general. He's also famous as the creator of the internal "punchin" tool used by Sun engineers for many years. At Nexenta he'll be doing some different things, but also will be our go-to man for issues involving the TCP/IP stack within NexentaStor and we expect to see contributions coming from him back into illumos.

Andrew Stormont - Andy started on Jan 1, and is our first software engineer in the UK. He's known for creating the StormOS desktop distribution based on XFCE on top of Nexenta Core Platform. We're looking forward to capitalizing on the synergy of StormOS and Nexenta Core Platform forward.

Roland Mainz - Roland is known throughout the community as "Mr. Ksh93", and previously was the contributor of the single largest integration from the open community into OpenSolaris. We expect he'll be continuing some of the work on improving our userland within illumos, fixing ksh93 bugs, and doing some other interesting things which should result in a direct improvement in measurable quality for both illumos and NexentaStor.

So, please join me in welcoming these three engineers to the Nexenta team, and also recognizing their past and future contributions into the illumos open source community.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Changes to illumos Contribution Process

First off, let me state that the following changes are aimed at both easing the challenging of contributing changes to illumos, while increasing our level of "confidence" in what changes are being integrated into our source code tree.

Up until now, illumos has used a contribution model that is primarily derived from the model used within Sun and Oracle for Solaris development.

This development model is based on the notion that all contributors have (or had at least) the direct ability to "push" code to the repository, after a certain number of review steps had been followed.

This model works well with a small team, or where all contributors are reasonably well trusted. This is also not typical at all of the way most FOSS projects work. (Indeed, with OpenSolaris, this model was not used for external contribution.)

Going forward, we want to enable a much wider group of developers, some of whom may not hang around long enough in our community to get a high level of "trust".

We also want to enable a contribution process that is more similar to what other FOSS projects use.

So, to this end, we are going to move from "developer push" to "advocate pull". "Advocates" are just our version of "maintainers" or "gatekeepers". (The Linux equivalent of this is Linus' "lieutenants".)

So now, rather than developers pushing changes directly to our mercurial tree, going forward Advocates will take patches from Contributors (either via hg export or patch file), verify that the content of the patch is what was reviewed, and will then be responsible for integrating those changes into our shared master.

Note that as part of this process, the Advocate will be ensuring that the original Contributor is still credited in the SCM change history. So Contributors still get credit for their work.

Also, we will still be insisting on other parts of the contribution process that we already have, such as code review, testing, and verification of legal right to receive the contribution.

The main implication for Contributors is that they can supply changes in the form of regular patches, which frees them from having to deal directly with one SCM or the other (more on that below). The other
implication is that if a merge conflict occurs that the Advocate can reject a change and ask the contributor to resolve the conflict and resubmit.

Note that this whole process is much much more similar to the process used by other big name open source projects, such as Linux.

At this point, I'd like to point out that we have a "clone" of illumos-gate on github. So you can use git if you want to. We also have an hg clone at bitbucket.

For now, Advocates use hg as our "master" repository, but we are also talking about a conversion to git to make life better. That's a more detailed topic of conversation, but mostly the concern about whether we are using git or hg should be irrelevant to contributors, as they can use either and are not directly exposed to the integration step (hg push or git push for example.)

The final tidbit here is that we need to set up a public page with a list of Advocates, but for now the list of illumos-gate Advocates is:

  • Garrett D'Amore
  • Albert Lee
  • Rich Lowe
  • Gordon Ross

As more people contribute and demonstrate a level of throughness and trustworthiness, I hope the above list will expand somewhat.

Friday, January 21, 2011

illumos sysad/integrator position (NYC)

I have an illumos partner that is interested in finding a strong system administrator/system integrator candidate for work on an illumos-based product in New York. Candidates need to be strong with Solaris, security, scripting (perl, python and/or ruby, etc.) and should have cross platform experience. If this sounds interesting to you, please contact me directly.

Friday, January 14, 2011

need C programmers/interns in So. Cal.

I'm looking to hire a few really smart folks who can work in southwest Riverside County, CA (near Temecula, CA). I want people who are sharp C programmers, want to work on open source kernel software, and are eager to stretch themselves. This is a great learning opportunity. If you know anyone like that, let me know!

Thursday, January 6, 2011