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Responding to Trolls

We have an... ahem... toxic personality in our midst in illumos .  I'm going to respond here to his most recent post , to avoid wasting the time on the illumos developers mailing list.  If you don't care about non-sense like this (although it may have entertainment value), please just ignore this post and move on. The only reason I'm replying even here, is to set the record straight, and establish firmly the history -- at least my side of it -- for posterity. In the early days of illumos, I invited those I could think of from the Solaris and OpenSolaris communities to participate.  I even reached out to some parties, like Jörg Schilling, who had a bad reputation as difficult people to work with. I had hoped to repair those broken relationships since there was no longer a corporate controlling entity for illumos.  ( Nexenta sponsored my efforts, and paid some of the early operating costs for illumos, but it has always been the case that illumos operates by and for th

An important milestone

Yesterday, with very little fanfare, illumos passed an important milestone. This milestone was the integration of  195 Need replacement for nfs/lockd+klm This is work that I originally tasked Gordon Ross and Dan Kruchinin to work while we were colleagues at  Nexenta .  Gordon started the work, picking up bits from FreeBSD as a starting point and gluing it to the illumos entry points.  Dan continued with it, and fleshed out a lot of the skeleton that Gordon had started.  It was subsequently picked up by the engineers at Delphix , and -- after some important bug fixing work was completed -- was integrated into their product quite some time ago -- reportedly its been stable since December in their product. The reason this is such an important milestone, is two fold: First, this represents a substantial collaborative effort, involving contributions from parties across several organizational boundaries.  The level of collaboration achieved here is a win for the greater good of th