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Open Source Opportunities near Boston!

Its now fairly locked into stone that we will be opening an engineering office somewhere not far from Boston (probably just north of it) sometime during 1H2011. As a result, we've started an aggressive recruiting campaign in the area. I am interested in talking to people with backgrounds in kernel software or device drivers -- especially if the background is on Solaris, but Linux and BSD backgrounds are fine too. The culture here is startup, and while I'd love to find a few more architect-level candidates, I'm also keen to find folks just beginning their career with a high level of enthusiasm who are talented and driven to become the industry's next generation of storage and networking gurus. Nexenta itself is still a small company, and so its still a great opportunity to get into the ground floor of what may well prove to be the fastest growing storage company ever. And even better, you can feel good knowing that your contributions will contribute to the greater goo

illumos at SCALE

So, I've spent the past day or so here at the Hilton LAX with Albert, Roland, and Delya manning the illumos booth at SCALE . We're at booth #72. We've been handing out disks with OpenIndiana , Nexenta Core Platform (4.0 alpha release based on illumos), and NexentaStor 3.1 (alpha release) as well as the first ever illumos T-shirts for those folks who install one of these on their system (either physical or virtual.) I'll have photos to post soon -- sorry they're not ready yet. The show has been amazing, and we've made a lot of new connections, both with other members of the open source community, and with new potential users and contributors as well as other potential collaborators. If you're around tomorrow, please drop by and say hello! (Oh yeah, and come watch Richard Elling and I mix it up with the BTRFS guys at the open source filesystems panel tomorrow!) And if you're looking for an open source job, drop by and chat. We are hiring in a number