Who's Who?

I just received two e-mails (identical to each other) stating this:

Dear DAmore Garrett,

The Heritage Registry of Who's Who is recognizing you for possible inclusion in the upcoming 2007-08 Edition. Please go to http://theheritageregistryofwhoswho.com and click on the invitation button.

Thank You,

Chris Jespersen

I'm not entirely convinced this is a worthwhile thing... but I'm willing to play along until they ask me for money. Anyone else out there received these before?


Binary Crusader said…
See this thread on yahoo, looks like a typical scam and jam:

Unknown said…
Follow up. They publish your name for free. And then you have two options. You can buy a copy of the 800ish page book for $339.89, or you can buy a 9x12 (inch) commerative plaque for $289.85. Needless to say, I gave it a pass. (Though it would be interesting to see if my name still shows up, as I answered their questions.)

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