All these nics...

So I need to JumpStart a new system today... no problem, I'll just stick in a NIC and boot it with my etherboot PXE CDROM. No problem, right?

Well, lets see, first I need a NIC that supports Solaris. Inventorying what I have in my spare hardware today:
  • Netgear GA311, rev A1 (RealTek 8169S-32, unsupported variant of rge)
  • Netgear FA311, rev C1 (Nat-Semi DP83815D, unsupported)
  • Netgear FA310TX, rev-D2 (Lite-On LC82C169, unsupported, see below)
  • 3Com 3CR990 TX-97 (unsupported)
  • D-Link 530TX rev A-1 (dmfe, no x86 support)
  • Zyxel gigE (Via GbE chip, uncertain)
  • Linksys LNE100TX v4.1 (unsupported, yet, see below)
  • Linksys NC100 (unsupported, yet, see below)
  • Macronix MX98715AEC (unsupported, yet, see below)
  • Unbranded RTL8139B (supported, rtls, nevada only)
  • 3Com 3C900-TX (supported, elxl, for now)
Well, at least I was able to find something. Of my 8 spare NICs, two of them have marginal support. (This is only the wired ethernet NICs. I have some WLAN devices as well.)

I guess I have a habit of collecting NICs.

Now, the Linksys boards are going to soon be supported by afe, if Alan ever gets his putback of my driver done. The Macronix board will be supported by mxfe later this week, once I get it reviewed and putback.

At one point I had a driver (pnic) sort of working for the LC82C169 (Lite-On PNIC), but I abandoned it because the PNIC was such a piece of crap, that I figured anyone with one of these was better off throwing it away and replacing it with another NIC (as long as it wasn't a Realtek 8139!) Maybe I'll revive that project one day. Probably not, since Lite-On didn't sell too many of them, I think. (The PNIC has some horrible hardware bugs, and the two major revisions, the 82C169 and 82C168, have quite different methods of handling 802.3u autonegotiation.)

I also started a driver for the Nat-Semi chip (nsfe), but abandoned it. I think this chip is also found in motherboards, where it is called an SiS part. I think Muryama also has a driver available for it.

I'd really like to see support for the others expanded upon. Maybe I need to look at dmfe, some more, because there really shouldn't be any reason it couldn't support x86 platforms. (D-Link sold a lot of DFE-530TX boads, IIRC.)

This also suggests that the elxl driver, which has been slated for EOF, really shouldn't be. One of the reasons I've kept that old NIC around was just because it was one of the few that was supported by Solaris 8 and earlier. I suspect I'm not the only one to have done this. I think the problem is that this driver is not open source. But open source variants exist... maybe someone should look at replacing elxl in Solaris Nevada with a FOSS replacment.

Some of these Muryama has already written drivers for. I would dearly like to see his vel in Solaris Nevada, along with conversion to GLDv3.


Sounds a lot like my old "thing" with video cards.. I took a look one day and ended up throwing out a dozen or so. Of course the GPU timeline is chugging along a lot faster then the NIC parade..
Who knows, maybe someday you will have a few minutes that you don't know what to do with, and convert them all to GLDv3. :p
Anonymous said…
I agree with you wholeheartedly. I still see a lot of comments from people claiming that Solaris/x86 has bad hardware support. I'm not convinced that it does -- it's just that the necessary drivers aren't part of the base install (or that /etc/driver_aliases is missing pci ids, but that's a seperate issue).

I was very glad to see that Sun is going to merge the afe and dmfe drivers. And, yes, Sun shouldn't EOL the elxl driver. There are a ton of old 3Com 3C905's out there!
Unknown said…
I hope elxl is not EOF'd anytime soon.

Sun is not 'merging' dmfe and afe. Rather, afe is going to get included in Solaris. It will still be a separate driver from dmfe.

Additionally, my own mxfe driver has been approved by PSARC. I still have to get past the other teams, but I don't see any stoppers for it. I'll post a codereview shortly.
Anonymous said…
By "merge" I meant include them in ON. Sorry for the confusion.

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