HME putback done

In case anyone ever wondered what a putback message looked like:

*********  This mail is automatically generated  *******

Your putback for the following fix(es) is complete:

PSARC 2007/319 HME GLDv3 conversion
4891284 RFE to add debug kstat counter for promiscuous mode to hme driver
6345963 panic in hme
6554790 Race betweeen hmedetach and hmestat_kstat_update
6568532 hme should support GLDv3
6578294 hme does not support hardware checksum

These fixes will be in release:


The gate's automated scripts will mark these bugs "8-Fix Available"
momentarily, and the gatekeeper will mark them "10-Fix Delivered"
as soon as the gate has been delivered to the WOS. You should not
need to update the bug status.

Your Friendly Gatekeepers

Btw, the case to make this work for qfe (PSARC 2007/ 404) was approved yesterday as well. There are some internal resourcing questions yet to be answered, but at least architectecturally, the approach has been approved.

I would really, really love it some qfe owners would file a bug asking for qfe to be GLDv3. It would make it much easier for me, I think, if this case were seen as a response to customer demand. (So many people have requested qfe GLDv3 support... please file a bug! Even better, file an *escalation*!)

Note: none of this eligible for backport to S10. You have to use OpenSolaris if you want the good stuff. Gotta keep a few carrots in reserve, right? (Seriously, ndd and Sun Trunking incompatibilities make it unsuitable for backport to S10 anyway.)


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