qfe GLDv3

As my first gift to the community since becoming a Sun employee, I've putback the conversion of QFE to the new hme common GLDv3 code. Now you can use your old QFE boards with IP instances, VLANs, whatever. Go wild. Hopefully the rtls conversion will get putback tonight as well... still waiting for my RTI advocate to approve it.


Unknown said…
This is an old entry I know... but was this meant for Solaris on SPARC? I have a qfe that I would very much like to be able to use as an exclusive interface for a zone.

If so, where can I get your driver?
Unknown said…
I know this is an old posting, but I was wondering if your driver is for Solaris on SPARC? I have a V250 running Solaris 10 that I would like to be able to use a qfe card with the GLDv3 features, specifically ip-exclusive zones.

If it is for SPARC, where would I download the driver?

Garrett D'Amore said…
The qfe driver was integrated into both Solaris and illumos. I would be unsurprised if Oracle has since removed it from Solaris 11, since I don't think any of the remaining supported Solaris 11 platforms have PCI slots.

The driver in illumos works on both SPARC and x86. I don't know if the driver interfaces have changed in Solaris 11 from what is in illumos -- its quite possible that the DDI has changed and the driver won't work. You can just try it to find out.

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