oops, qfe is b74

I lied... (not intentionally, I got confused.) The qfe GLDv3 port is in b74, not b73. Sorry!


Unknown said…
Hi, with those few commands I makeGLDv3 capable qfe NIC:

modunload -i "id of qfe"

cp /kernel/drv/sparcv9/hme /kernel/drv/sparcv9/qfe

modload qfe

devfsadm -C

now qfe seems to work with GLDv3 features.
Unknown said…
That should work, though there are some details that you may be overlooking, which *could* cause problems (namely the ddi_driver_name() is not quite right, in the driver binary.)

But, yes, qfe is nearly 100% the same code as hme, and mostly the qfe changes just make it work by directly calling into the hme driver. (There are packaging changes, of course.)

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