Sun Opening up more...

So I recently was informed that Sr. management has directed my team to move some of the engineering work that we have been doing "internally" to the OpenSolaris web site. This is more than just moving internal web pages outside the firewall, though. This is about starting to do the actual engineering work in the open.

The first two projects that my group is going to be doing this with are the laptop suspend/resume effort and the SD card stack. (The SD card stack needs to go through some licensing approval first, as the SDA organization doesn't allow for redistribution without a license. The "open" specs are "Evaluation Only" apparently.

Anyway, this is a sign that the practices already being done elsewhere in the company (cf. the networking group) are starting to take hold elsewhere, even in demesnes that have historically been strongholds of the NDA.

Watch the laptop project page at os.o over the next week or so to see what we put up there... and there will be mailing lists for the project engineering as well!


Unknown said…
SD support looks like it will prove a bit of a headache as the SD Association's licensing is a PITA for Open Source, perhaps it would be a good idea for a petition directed toward the Executive and Board Member companies listed at and
Unknown said…
Its unclear that the licensing poses a problem in and of itself. In fact, the SDA specifications are open. The problem is, of course, patent licenses which may be required to *redistribute* said sources.

Sun's legal team is working the issue.

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