SDcard Status Update

For those of you who've been wondering what happened to the SDcard work...

The technical work finished quite a while ago. However, due to some vague language in the disclaimers associated with the SDcard simplified specifications, Sun has decided it is best if we are a member and have a full license to the SDcard specifications (although only the simplified specs were used in its development.)

Of course, this got the lawyers involved in reviewing license agreements and membership agreements, and purchasing machinery engaged, since there is now a transfer of funds involved. (The funds transfers have already been approved.)

The very last hurdle to having this stuff in OpenSolaris is clearing the hurdles with the legal group (and the latest is some concern about trademark rules associated with the SDcard org.) Once we get those final hurdles cleared, hopefully I'll be able to putback the code.

And yes, its all Open Source -- CDDL. Watch for in build 90 (hopefully).

(The rule that any time you involve lawyers in a project, take your original time estimate, double it, and move to the next largest unit of measurement has just about held true in this particular case.)


Anonymous said…
IS there an eta on whether this will be merged? B90 has come and gone, and it hasn't appeared :(
Unknown said…
Unfortunately, the lawyers have got involved. (On both sides -- SD Card Association and Sun.) Figuring out what this means for the timeline of delivery of the code is left as an exercise to the reader.

(Hint: I have *never* been involved in any project where the involvement of lawyers has not *completely* thrashed delivery schedules -- often preventing a project from delivering altogether.)

I did remerge against the b90 code, though. I *really* wish I could offer the code for use now. But don't hold your breath. :-(
Anonymous said…
Just a quick question; does the SDCard code allow reading of cards from any vendor who supports the standard? it sounds really interesting; lots of laptops come with these already, it would be neat to use it.
Unknown said…
Yes, for several different variations on the standard. Specifically, SDcard, SDHC (high capacity), and 2GB SDcard are all supported by my code. MMC cards are as well, but not the newer MMCplus stuff (but nobody uses MMCplus anyway -- I can't even find the media in any of the normal electronics shops).

What isn't supported as of right now are cards that are not storage media. So, your SDIO GPS receiver and bluetooth dongles won't work. The code is designed to be extended to support those, but there is little market demand for it.

Folks inside Sun and comfortable with bfu can ask me for access to my BFU archives. External (non-Sun) folks are out of luck until the lawyers say otherwise. Sorry. :-(

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