Brussels NDD compatibility code cleanup

I've just putback the changes to afe and mxfe to rip out the driver-private ndd support code and replace it with much cleaner and simpler mc_setprop(), mc_getprop() property access functions supplied by Brussels. For common link parameters Brussels does the NDD compatibility support for us. Yay! Drivers can be smaller.

There's a couple of opportunities here for folks to contribute driver improvements:

1) convert existing NIC drivers to the newer framework. E.g. rge, dmfe, maybe others.... (hme and eri for sure, but they may be hard due to the plethora of driver private properties they support via ndd).

2) try hard to remove private driver ioctl() support in favor of Brussels property functions

3) ADMtek centaur parts can support flow control, on certain hardware (pretty much anything shipped in the past 5-7 years.) Adding support for this in afe might be a relatively simple project, especially for someone familiar with ethernet flow control.

Contact me if you want to work on any of the above.

-- Garrett


Captain Napalm said…
I have a Sparcle (I love eBay) and it uses dmfe0. Would the name that I use with inetmenu and ifconfig change? If so, do you know what to?
Unknown said…
No, the name would remain the same.
Captain Napalm said…
Ah, cool. Thanks :)

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