iprb updated with suspend/resume & quiesce

I've updated iprb (Intel Pro/100 Ethernet driver) to support suspend/resume and quiesce (fast reboot). I've also made some other changes, such as updating to the latest microcode from Intel, fixing some potential races, and improving the internal implementation of the statistics routine.

I'd like folks to try it out on their Intel or AMD platforms. The tarball can be downloaded from here (look for iprb-2008-11-01.tar.gz).

I still want to get this open sourced, but I haven't got approval from the lawyers yet. But here are the binary bits in case anyone is waiting for them.

(I'm not planning on porting this driver to SPARC. There are too many places in the code that would have to be changed to use endian-safe calls to ddi_get, and I think there is probably very little demand for a SPARC version of the driver. If you are one of the people who do want SPARC support for iprb, please let me know.



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