SDcard Panics, Ricoh Controllers

I figured I better post this publicly. If you have a Ricoh SD controller (pci1180,522) then you don't want to use SDcard in OpenSolaris with it. You'll probably get panics, memory corruption, etc.

There is a known bug -- CR 6797937 that tracks this issue. I've filed an RTI for this issue, and hope to have it pushed later today. You can review the diffs for this on this webrev, if you're so inclined.

This is known to affect Toshiba Tecra M10, IBM T61, and probably a bunch of others besides.

Sorry to those folks affected, we're trying to drive the fix for this out as quickly as possible. It should be in 109.

Update (Feb 5, 8:19pm PST): The fix for this problem was just pushed into ON. It will be in tonight's nightly build.


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