Boomer Release Candidate 1a Available

I've posted a release candidate for Boomer today, and you can download it from the files area. This release candidate includes USB support, and fixes for some critical bugs, so if you installed the beta, please upgrade.

There are still some known issues, but we believe we're quickly closing to being ready to integrate in Build 115.

Bugs should be reported using the Bugster category development/audio-ng/software. Alternatively, you can send mail to



ingenthr said…
I was hoping for support of my Intel integrated sound, but no luck.

The device driver utility reports "misconfigured"

node name: pci8086,4001
Vendor: Intel Corporation
Device: 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller
binding name: pci8086,4001
devfs path: /pci@0,0/pci8086,4001
compatible name: (pciex8086,293e.8086.4001.2)(pciex8086,293e.8086.4001)(pciex8086,293e.2)(pciex8086,293e)(pciexclass,040300)(pciexclass,0403)(pci8086,293e.8086.4001.2)(pci8086,293e.8086.4001)(pci8086,4001)(pci8086,293e.2)(pci8086,293e)(pciclass,040300)(pciclass,0403)
driver name: intel_nb5000
driver state: Detached

I'll send in an email.
Unknown said…
I don't know what's going on with your system, but I know you've been working with our audiohd developer out of band.

You might want to grab the latest RC1b code (from the same location)... there's some chance it will work better for you.

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