boomer rc3, audio driver for ali5451

I've posted Boomer RC3 yesterday. It will be the last separate binary release of Boomer Phase I -- we're on track for integration into Nevada B115 -- C-Team Commitment review is on Monday.

That said, we've found one problem, which is of a P3 nature, which affects the ability of certain applications (audacity is the only one found so far) to record -- the record process doesn't start properly when triggered. I've got a fix for this, and can offer a binary to anyone who needs it for RC3. We've still not yet figured out whether this problem will be fixed in Boomer Phase I prior to integration, or just after integration -- but in either case it will be build 115 as well.

The other thing is that I've got a binary driver built for the audio controller found on the ALi 5451 southbridge. This is a somewhat older part, but folks might have them on certain motherboards. If you've got one, and you want a binary driver, let me know -- I'll be happy to supply one -- but you'll need to run Boomer RC3 or an OpenSolaris build that has Boomer integrated (i.e. build 115). We'll be handling this one as an RFE after Boomer Phase I integration -- probably also in Build 115. (Note that Dev at 4Front has already tested this binary for me, so I know its good to go -- it is just a recompilation on x86 of the audiots SPARC driver that is in Boomer.)

Anyway, keep your fingers crossed for our integration into build 115.


Anonymous said…
Very exciting!!! Many thanks to yourself and Dev. Eagerly awaiting 115 and wishing this was going into 2009.06
tkimes said…
I'm running Opensolaris 111 on Virtualbox (v2.2.0) on a Dell D620 laptop and have never been able to get the sound drivers to work until I found boomer RC3. I did not even have to change the Virtualbox configuration from Windows DirectSound / ICH AC97. I installed boomer, robooted and for the first time the volume control was available! The sound preference tests worked. And finally I watched a video on The sound was perfectly clear. So your project gets two thumbs up from me! I'll be looking for the integration into 115.

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