driver.conf files considered evil

Just a quick note on driver.conf files that some device drivers deliver.

I believe that driver.conf files, and the tunables that are usually put in them, are for the most part, a byproduct of inadequate architecture The average driver should use no tunables in driver.conf properties.

As a result, I've started going out of my way to remove driver.conf files from device drivers for which I'm responsible. I think that even the "advanced" tunables (such as the interrupt rate used for audio drivers) falls outside the scope of what users should normally tune, and that delivering a configuration file is actively harmful.

One of Solaris' great strengths historically has been the approach to "self-tuning", so that lots of configuration is not necessary. I'd like to see that continue. The next time you think about adding a driver.conf property, consider carefully if there might not be a better solution. (Either self tuning, providing a default that works for everyone or nearly everyone, or using another system like Brussels to provide configuration overrides.)

(PCI devices in particular are very painful to configure with driver.conf... see the pci man page to find out why!)


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