CFV: web/HTML/graphics people

I have an urgent need to rennovate the illumos website. If you'd like to help the project out, and you have got both time and talent, please let me know. A major overhaul of the site is in order, and we need someone willing to dedicate some time on it. There may be some funds available for the right person, but to be clear, illumos can't afford the services of a professional design bureau.


Unknown said…
I am may be able to help

I have experience with customization and web development using open source systems:

- Apache Software
- Drupal

Currently working on:

I have a solid background in Management Information Systems.

You may reach me best by e-mail at

Sincerely Ransford

Ransford Segu-Baffoe
Web Developer

Noqturnal MediaSystems
Unknown said…
Count me in, You may reach me best by e-mail at

Angee said…

I own a webdesign company in Romania and I think you can afford us:). Please check out our portfolio at

Please let me know if you are interested in working with us and if you need a quote.

Best regards,

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