New Advocate - Albert Lee

I'm pleased to announce the addition of Albert Lee (, aka Triskelios on IRC) to the list of Advocates who can approve integrations into illumos. Albert has been doing a lot of excellent work on both illumos and OpenIndiana, and I'm happy to expand the set of advocates we have available to include such a diligent and talented individual.

The current list of Advocates for illumos-gate are:

  • Garrett D'Amore
  • Albert Lee
  • Rich Lowe
  • Gordon Ross

I'm hoping to expand the list to include more non-Nexenta-employees as well. If you're a contributor and would like to help out in this way, let me know. Typically becoming an advocate means you have earned the trust of the rest of the advocates by making several "good" integrations into illumos-gate (4-5 at least usually, although some credit is given for previous integration experience with ON at Sun/Oracle), and have a demonstrated level of thoroughness to help us ensure quality integrations.

Thanks, and again, congratulations and thank you to Albert.


Torbjorn said…
Fantastic, welcome Albert!

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