Thank you Joyent!

Joyent posted an update -- they've released a branch of illumos, on github, containing much of their illumos contributions.

Some of the stuff is probably fairly Joyent specific, but some of it is highly useful to almost everyone using illumos!

From their mail:
  • ZFS I/O fair-share scheduling for zones
  • the Joyent brand, which can be used as a template for other non-SysVR4 or IPS zone brands
  • Reintroduction of sparse zone images
  • Crossbow vnics on demand for zones & non-unique vnic naming (unique per zone, not per system)
  • svcs enhancements ( svcs -Z/-z for interrogating zone services, -L for outputting log files directly (no more ls /var/svc/log | grep... ))
  • vfsstat and iostat tweaks and ziostat, iostat(1M) for ZFS I/O
  • more per-zone IO kstats
  • the zonemon utility for zone kernel state troubleshooting
  • DTrace enhancements such as llquantize
I just want to say again, thank you very much Joyent! Now, how quickly can we merge this stuff into illumos mainline?


Anonymous said…
Pretty exciting!
David said…
Sparse Zones are absolutely awesome!

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