Latest Apple EarPods - Success!

A couple of months ago I purchased the rather expensive pair of Apple in-ear earphones, to replace an older pair of standard earbuds I'd given to someone else.  They never fit my ear correctly, and I hated them.

Recently I've also taken up getting more physically fit -- so going to the gym more often, including spending a lot of time running on the treadmill.

But my earphones kept falling out.  And my iPhone 4 is kind of heavy and inconvenient.

So I picked up the iPod nano (7th gen) today at Best Buy.  And it comes with a new style of earbud.

I've been wearing them now for about 7 hours, including a fairly intense 40 minutes of running on the treadmill.  They haven't budged once.  And while I'm no audiophile, the audio quality seems to be better than any of the other earbuds I've used.

And the nano -- really light, really nice.  It doesn't do everything, and I've not tried out all the functions yet, but for playing music, it works great.  And, unlike my iPhone, it doesn't have a tendency to change songs or activate other functions while it is in my pocket.   So, +1 on the iPod nano too.

Just be aware that the earpods that come with the nano do not include the remote (and I think they lack a mic as well).  It looks like the $29 separate ones include the remote, and a mic.  I'll be purchasing a pair for other use... I wish they'd package them the same way the in-ear headphones are packaged though.  (Much easier to keep them stored tangle-free.)


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