ZFS Compression Enhancements in illumos

The ZFS code in illumos has gained another differentiator thanks to the hard work of Saso, who integrated LZ4 improved compression into our code base.

This is a nice achievement, and enhanced compression should be quite useful for most applications of ZFS.  If LZJB was always recommended to be turned on (it was by our team at least!), then LZ4 is even more recommended, unless all of your data is totally incompressible.  (Most data is highly compressible.)

You should check out his wiki post above, which contains a lot more details about the work, including some benchmark data.


Trixter said…
Very, very happy to see this. I also came to the decision that LZ4 is best in class while researching LZ77-based schemes for an entirely unrelated project. I look forward to the next OpenIndiana release.

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