Sorry for the interruption....

Some of you may have noticed that my email, or my blog, or website, was down.

I discontinued my hosting service with BlueHost, and when I did, I mistakenly thought that by keeping my domain registration with them, that I'd still have DNS services.  It was both a foolish mistake, and yet an easy one to make.  (I should have known better...)

Anyway, things are back to normal now, once the interweb's negative caches have timed out...

It does seem unfortunate that BlueHost:

  • Does not include DNS with domain registration, nor do they have a service for it unless you actually host content with them.
  • Did not backup my DNS zone data.  (So even if I paid them to reactivate hosting, I was going to have to re-enter my zone records by hand.)  This is just stupid.

So, I've moved my DNS, and when my registration expires, I'll be moving that to another provider as well.  (Dyn, in case you wondered.)


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