Congratulations new OGB

Its official!

The OpenSolaris Constitution has been ratified. Yay!

Congratulations to the new OGB as well. I'm generally very pleased with the election results, despite not getting elected myself.

A few interesting tid bits:

1) Rich Teer is the only non-Sun OGB member. (And apparently he has done some work for Sun.)
2) The entire OGB seems to be made up of engineers.
3) Neither female member was elected.
4) There are two ARC members sitting. (James Carlson and Alan Coopersmith.)
5) There seems to be good geographical representation... i.e. MPK (and SFBay in general) don't seem to be overweighted.
6) Several members have sat on other FOSS boards (at least Glynn and Alan)

I would have liked to see someone with more marketing and program management elected.

In future years, I'd like to see the process for Core Contributor grants revised. I think only folks who are active in the community should have this role ... I think a lot of people got grants just because they committed code as part of their day jobs at Sun. Also, there should be a limit to how many Core Contributors a given community can elect... the large number of user-group contributors could have had an adverse effect on results. I would also like to see 1) term limits, and 2) limits on the number of members working for (affiliated with) any one employer. (Not more than 3.) But those are ideas for the new OGB to think about.

Again, congratulations to the new OGB, and a BIG thank-you to everyone who voted (regardless of whether you voted for me or not.)


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