Just Voted

I just cast my ballot for the OGB and ratification of the constitution.

I will not tell you who I voted for, but I will say two things.

First off, the decision was hard. There are some excellent candidates running. I'm pretty confident that we are going to have a great OGB, made of up reasonable individuals who are passionate about OpenSolaris. (Yes, I did vote for myself, but I also voted for quite a few other people... there are 7 seats, after all.)

Second, I did vote to ratify the Draft Consitution. I hope you did, too.

The window of time to cast your ballot is quickly drawing to a close. Polls close on Monday, so be sure to cast your ballot before then. Unlike some others, I waited a bit, primarily because I wanted to hear what some of the other candidates had to say. So even if you have not voted yet, please do so today. Even if you abstain from voting on the candidates, at least make a statement on the ratification of the constitution. I believe it is important to get at least a 51% turnout. I believe there are around 260 eligible voters, so far only 85 ballots have been cast.

So, as Glynn says, think of the kittens and VOTE!


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