afe GLDv3-ified

I've converted "afe" to GLDv3 in anticipation of it getting putback. I've also greatly simplified the buffering logic in it, because I was trying to be "too clever" and I think we were seeing failures during the extreme testing that Sun QA likes to perform.

Anyway, this means that when afe gets putback (its on a schedule for snv68, but that may or may not happen), it will be GLDv3. Yay. Here's something to whet your appetite:

garrett@doc{44}> pfexec dladm show-link
eri0 type: non-vlan mtu: 1500 device: eri0
afe0 type: non-vlan mtu: 1500 device: afe0

This was done on a Sun Blade 100. No more legacy nics!

This is also helpful for laptop owners, because afe is one of the more common cardbus devices. So, your cardbus 10/100 NIC will work with NWAM.

If folks running snv_66 or newer want test binaries, let me know. I can offer them up in exchange for beer.


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