The Need For Public Test Suites

Now that OpenSolaris is supposed to be "Open", the community needs a way to perform quality assurance tests so that community contributions do not block on Sun QA.

Currently, putback of changes to code to Solaris requires QA validation. For example, in order to putback my updated iprb and hme drivers (or my new mxfe driver), I have to get QA coverage. This means that I also have to get the time of someone from Sun, which can be challenging.

In order to free the community from Sun's grip, we have to have alternatives, so that community members can perform testing; giving the necessary quality assurance needed for (Open)Solaris, without blocking progress.

Hopefully someday soon the efforts of the folks who own the test suites to open them up will address this problem. For now, we just have to wait...


Glynn Foster said…
Hold on to your hats, they're coming soon - hopefully not too long a wait.

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