Audio Driver Poll

I'm interested in collecting data about audio devices that folks are using. So, I've a few questions, which maybe folks could send answers to me. Here are the questions:

  1. Is there already support in Solaris for your audio devices/needs? (If yes, stop here, and no need to send me any information -- you're already covered as a "mainstream" user.)
  2. If you're using 4Front's OSS, and you're using a hardware driver other than apci97, hdaudio, ich, via8233, atiaudio, then please let me know what driver you are using, and what the actual audio hardware is (cat /dev/sndstat might be useful here.) (If the audio is built into a motherboard, I'd like to know the make/model of computer, and the rough date -- year -- that you purchased it.)
  3. Do you use/would you use hardware MIDI support?
  4. Are you using digital audio (Dolby Digital/AC3, and/or SPDIF) on your Solaris system? If so, please provide detail.
  5. Do you have any use for more than a single active input source? (I.e. do you need more than a microphone, or line input, to be supported simultaneously for recording?) If so, please provide detail.
  6. Do you have any other audio needs for Solaris beyond normal business/consumer audio? (I.e. I assume that most folks want audio good enough for DVD playback, gaming, and video conferencing.) Particularly, if you want to use Solaris audio to do production work, internet radio broadcasting, etc. then I'd like to know about that.
  7. If the answer to #1 is "no", then if you're willing, I'd like to have your e-mail address so that I might contact you to discuss your particular needs/application further.
Thanks. My hope is to better understand the community needs so we can focus on the things that people need most.


Γριφεγ said…
1. No, there's no support yet for my soundcard.
2. Not using 4Front, (consequently?) no such file as /dev/sndstat
3. No need for hardware MIDI for me.
4. I have no need for digital audio, but this might be rare...
5. Yes, multiple input sources are nice to have for video conferences for example.
6. No
7. My email is my Blogger username @

BTW, my soundcard is shown as "Ensoniq 5880 AudioPCI" in Device Driver Utility
Anonymous said…
1. Solaris itself doesn't come with the necessary drivers, AFAIK. And even if it did, SADA isn't good enough simply because of the lack of stream mixing and multichannel.
2. Using a modified cmi8788 driver in OSS. (Modified as in making the Asus Xonar DX DACs work, still have to send it upstream.)
3. Don't need MIDI.
4. Right now, no.
5. Single input for a microphone is sufficient here.
6. Just music listening.
7. My email's me(at)tomservo(dot)cc

sndstat output:
OSS 4.1 (b 080509/200805311945) CDDL (C) 4Front Technologies 1996-2008

Audio devices:
0: CMedia CMI8788 (MultiChannel) (DUPLEX)
Engine 1 opened INOUT by VMIX/0 @ 48000/48000 Hz Fragment: 2048/192000 (10.6 msec)
Engine 2 opened OUT by mplayer/754 @ 44100/48000 Hz Fragment: 2048/192000 (10.6 msec)
1: CMedia CMI8788 (SPDIF) (DUPLEX)

MIDI devices:
0: CMI8788 UART

0: CMedia CMI8788
1: AC97 Input Mixer (CMI9780)
Unknown said…
1. No.
2. I tried OSS but it does not work. See:

This is an Apple Mac mini Intel Core2 Duo.

$ cat /dev/sndstat
OSS 4.1 (b 080607/200806112057) (C) 4Front Technologies 1996-2008

Audio devices:
0: HD Audio play front (OUTPUT)
1: HD Audio play center/LFE (OUTPUT)
2: HD Audio play side (OUTPUT)
3: HD Audio play spdif-out (OUTPUT)
4: HD Audio rec rec1mux (INPUT)
Opened INOUT by SADA/0 @ 48000/48000 Hz Fragment: Not started
5: HD Audio rec rec2mux (INPUT)
6: HD Audio rec int-spdifin (INPUT)

0: High Definition Audio STAC9221 A1

3. No.
4. No.
5. No.
6. Just normal sound.
7. Sent an email.
Carlton said…
Nope, no support for the HP/Compaq nx9600

Nope, 4front OSS isnt working either

Yes, I would use it.

Yes, I would use it.

Yes, multiple sources would be great.


I am using the latest Open Solaris distro.
Brad said…
I'm looking for a low-profile card to use in solaris. I've narrowed it down to this card in particular:

It uses the VIA Envy24 chipset, and I think that the other OSS drivers support this chip but a. I don't have the card in my hands, and consequently I haven't tested it.

Any advice?

bradley (dawt) n.baker at
Unknown said…
Envy24 based chipsets are not high on our support list. It will probably work with stock 4Front OSS, but support in native Solaris might be a bit longer in coming.

A SoundBlaster based product is likely to get more attention from us sooner, owing to larger market share.
Unknown said…
OSS 4.1 (b 080705/200807161409) CDDL (C) 4Front Technologies 1996-2008

Audio devices:
0: Tapco USB Interface play (OUTPUT)
Opened OUT by xmms/17861 @ 44100/44100 Hz Fragment: 2048/176400 (11.6 msec)
1: Tapco USB Interface rec (INPUT)

MIDI devices:

0: Tapco USB Interface

Using oss_usb as the Solaris usb audio driver doesn't work at all. However sada support and vmix support is broken currently and has been for ages.

Also I think you might be surprised how many people use envy24 (being that it works on sparc - my blade 1000 for example)
jpk said…
Solaris audio support: supports my card (onboard audio, Dell Inspiron 530s, 2.2Gzh, 2007ish -- except volume control for audio in does nothing. I'm using OpenSolaris 0811. Hardware MIDI support: mayb. Digital audio: not. Single input source, turntable from pre-amp.

Experience so far: audio in can't set levels, clipped, poor quality, horrible distortion if e.g. you change monitor volume while recording. Sometimes acceptable quality but can't reproduce conditions that get there. Was getting better results on Sparcstation 5 at 100 Mhz for same task.

My need: vinyl conversion.

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