Suspend/Resume Goodness!

Its been a busy week.

In the past week, there have been three separate putbacks:

1) Kerry Shut putback a fix for audiohd to suspend/resume
2) Brian Xu putback a fix for iwk to suspend/resume
3) Judy Chen putback a fix for ath to suspend/resume

The upshot of this is, if you have a laptop with an Nvidia graphics card, its a fair chance that your laptop will support suspend (and resume!)

A big thanks to everyone who's been working on this.


Anonymous said…
Which build? I looked at the suspend-resume project page, there's not much info on how to enable this and whether or not my OpenSolaris 2008.05 updated to snv_90 should have it or not.
Unknown said…
I think the audiohd fixes went into b91. Probably also iwk.

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