OpenSolaris as a boot server

I recently upgraded to the "latest" OpenSolaris on my desktop. This is also my primary NIS and NFS server and boot server.

I was rather dismayed at first by some of the bits that were missing. NIS, DHCP, and more. I finally got it all working, and I thought I'd document it here for posterity.

First install NIS. "pkg install SUNWyp"

(Configuration of NIS left as an "exercise" for the reader.)

Second, DHCP was missing, so we install it as well:

"pkg install SUNWdhcs SUNWdhcsb SUNWdhcm"

(Configuration of DHCP left as an exercise...)

Then, it turns out that there was no manifest for TFTPD, not even a commented out entry in /etc/services. I copied the line from /etc/inetd.conf on another system:

tftp dgram udp6 wait root /usr/sbin/in.tftpd in.tftpd -s /tftpboot

Then run "inetconv".

My question to the OpenSolaris/Indiana folks -- why wasn't this listed in the stock inetd.conf -- even as a commented out entry? What I'd have preferred is to see a default service installed, but not enabled by this for default. It took some man page reading and investigation to figure out where tftp was in the "new" world.

Anyway, its all working now... I'm booting a b95 image over the network as I type this...


Unknown said…
tftpd's smf(5) configuration has a weird history, developed in S10. It has to be in inetd.conf to allow older versions of the boot server software to detect its presence, but the actual line is delivered by the SUNWtftp. We'll have to break some of the older boot server software (probably ok at this point).

I'll go file a bug to track this.
Unknown said…
Thanks. It wasn't clear to me that this was "bug" or just misunderstanding on my part. Its interesting that the *binary* was delivered as part of the stock OpenSolaris distro, but the inetd configuration was lacking. If you can post the bug number, or add me to the interest list, I'd be grateful.
Unknown said…
Google brings me here...

While I was trying setup tftp server on my OpenSolaris env, I hit the same issue that there is no tftp listed by "svcs -a".
SUNWtftp had been installed at that time.

Anyway, we need have a CR to track this issue.
JimKlimov said…
Half a decade since, this hint remains relevant with OpenIndiana (oi_151a8). Thanks! ;)

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