Archived KCA 2009 Boomer Talk

As some people know, the KCA 2009 was streamed live. The video of my talk on Boomer was archived (as well as other talks) and is available on line.

You can watch it here.

Note that I highly recommend advancing to about 6:30 in the stream, because the first 6+ minutes was me struggling with laptop/projector incompatibilities. (Would be nice if the folks that posted the video could crop that meaningless bit out.)

Other thoughts I had from looking back and reviewing this (which I did for the first time yesterday):

  • A live demo would make it more interesting.
  • Test the equipment compatibility first when presenting.
  • Turn off screen savers.
  • Rehearse the talk before hand.
  • Some points were repeated, which was unfortunate since I had to rush or skip other points.
  • Practice talking more.. especially at the beginning it seems like I didn't know what to do with my hands.
  • Don't be afraid to get out from behind the podium.
  • The podium itself was poorly situated ... the exit sign above my head was particularly apropros framing.

I'd be happy to hear other constructive criticisms, whether on Boomer, the paper, slides, or my presentation style. I don't get the chance to speak in public often, so when I do I'd like to be better at it then I think I managed this time.


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