STREAMS and non-STREAMS in the same driver

Some of you kernel hackers may be interested to know about my case (PSARC 2009/380) that eliminates one of the ancient limitations of Solaris -- having STREAMS and non-STREAMS entry points in the same device driver. I've also implemented it and am waiting for the case to time out before I submit the RTI.

As part of this, I also implemented a set of changes to the audio stack -- the austr(7D) "speecial" node and driver goes away, and the Sun audio personality sheds about 1,000 lines of complexity. I'll be pushing those changes later, once I've gotten code review feedback. (If you review the changes, please let me know!)


Binary Crusader said…
This may be unrelated, but will this make mmap support for Boomer any easier?
Unknown said…
Not really, but it will make it less "unusual". mmap() support is actually going to be pretty darn easy, once I find time to work on it. I expect it will only take a few hours to implement.

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