audio driver enhancements

Okay, I've got some audio drivers that are basically ready to go, but which I'm trying to decide whether to integrate or not. Part of the problem is that integration of new drivers is a somewhat expensive process, and if there is no demand for some some of these, then I'd rather go do other things.

So, another straw poll. If you have one of these devices and you want a driver to test with, please let me know.

  1. Cirrus-Logic/Crystal CS 4281 -- driver is ready to go, stereo only
  2. FM-801 -- I think the driver will work, but don't have hardware at the moment to prove it.
  3. C-Media 8738/8768 surround sound support (stereo already supported in OpenSolaris) -- this will probably be integrated at some point, but I can share binaries now if someone wants them.

Other drivers I can supply with just a modicum of effort, if there is demand:

  1. Yamaha YMF-7 series -- driver not yet ready, but now I have hardware to work on it, if there is demand
  2. C-Media 8788 - driver mostly ready, but no hardware, and its expensive hardware to purchase.

Note that I will be doing the driver for the oft-requested EMU10K (Audigy/SB Live!) devices very very soon. Don't bother asking me again about it; its pretty high on my priority list. Likewise, X-Fi is very very desired, but will probably be quite a while longer in coming due to lack of specs. Various VIA chips (Envy24HT, etc.) are in the pipe as well.

And of course, Sun Ray audio is very high priority. Stay tuned for more on that.


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