Giving up on laptop-discuss@

Here's a message I sent to laptop-discuss-owner at

Okay, I've tried *three* different addresses to post to laptop-discuss@... each time the message bounces.

The addresses I tried:

I give up. The list is *unusable* to community members, because of a draconian list policy that instead of just moderating reasonable attempts to post to the list just *bounces* them. This community (laptop-discuss@) will no longer be able to receive mail from me, despite the fact that I'm probably one of the more active contributors to the software that makes up core laptop platform support.

If you think your membership ought to be able to hear from me, then please make it easier for me (and for other people) who have a legitimate need to post to the list. Simple moderation with white and blacklisting can be used to achieve this.

- Garrett
For the record, the message I tried to post was:

I'm considering a case to remove/EOF the partial (incomplete) support we have for certain Tadpole laptops in Nevada.

I'd like feedback on this. Is anyone out there still using a Tadpole SPARCLE with OpenSolaris or Solaris Nevada?

The reason for this is the intention to remove support for graphics (its already not present in OpenSolaris). I never got enough cycles to finish the work to integrate power management or other mobility features for this platform (SPARCLE), and now it seems to be quite obsolete. We're talking about UltraSPARC-II (up to 650 MHz max cpu speed) systems here.

Would anyone here strongly object to just removing the support?

- Garrett
The bounce messages I received look like this:
You are not allowed to post to this mailing list, and your message has
been automatically rejected. If you think that your messages are
being rejected in error, contact the mailing list owner at

The problem is that draconian list membership/posting rules make posting updates incredibly painful. If you think my contributions to the forum are or would be useful, please ask the list moderator to start actually moderating the list instead of just setting it on auto-reject. (At this point, I don't remember which vanity address I subscribed to the list using... at the moment, I'm just about to the point of not caring. I've already reached this point with driver-discuss@ - on more than one occasion I've simply decided not to keep trying to send a message to that alias because of the same stupid draconian policy.


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