Do you use IDN? (E10K inter-domain networking)

I was looking, and one of the legacy device drivers we still support is the Enterprise 10000 Inter-Domain Network. This is a memory based interconnect network that emulates an ethernet.

It occurs to me that we could update this driver to use the GLDv3, which would potentially have a significant performance boost for it. (Really, a better solution would be to create a new low level MAC type for it Nemo, but clearly that's probably too much pain for a product that is no longer shipping).

Anyway, I'd be interested to hear of any sites which use IDN on E10K class systems, and would like to see this (already high performance) network get another boost.

The other legacy SPARC drivers which are not GLDv3 compliant are:

  • cassini (ce) (probably never going to be GLDv3, but that's another matter)
  • gem (ge) -- this one could be easily converted *if* I had fiber cards to test it with, although there are political concerns as well. (It uses the same MAC controller as "eri", which I converted a while back.)
  • scman -- This is used for the Starcat (E15K/25K) connection between the SC and domains. It is also based on the eri driver, but has some special hacks. I'm a bit paranoid about touching this one, but if someone really wants it to be GLDv3, please let me know. (This isn't supposed to be a high performance network!)
I'm not aware of any other non-GLDv3 device drivers remaining for SPARC, but if you know of any, please let me know!


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