Engines arrived for Squat yesterday

The Squat is a 4" diameter short high power rocket with a 54mm engine mount. My engines, 54mm hardware (including the higher end Aeropack retainer), and 38 mm adapter arrived from What's Up Hobbies yesterday. Timothy's going to fly it at the LDRS mass launch on a G67 redline -- this will be his first reloadable engine. Later that day I'll fly it on an I140 skidmark, which represents both my first 54mm engine, and my first Caeseroni engine.

Timothy and I put the rocket together last night; I must say, the higher end metal hardware and thicker fins on this rocket are definitely a step up even from the LOC IV I flew previously on my Level 1 flight (go to about 1:30 in the video link -- I haven't figured out how to edit the video file yet).

I also received the propellant for the J350W, which I'll be flying in my LOC IV as part of my Level 2 certification attempt. OpenRocket says the LOC IV will be approaching 700 mph with this particular engine! Guess I will be glassing the fins on it to help strengthen them for transonic speeds. (I'm open to alternative suggestions from the experts, as well.)

LDRS is going to be fun, indeed!


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