Last Day

So, today's my last day as a Sun^WOracle employee.

While I'm excited to be starting at Nexenta, I want to reiterate what I've already said, which is that I've really enjoyed working with the great folks at S'noracle, and that they made this decision to leave quite difficult. Its been quite a ride over the years, and its been fun and exciting. Thanks everyone!

Of course, my old e-mail address(es) at Oracle won't reach me after about noon today.

To reach me for matters pertaining to OpenSolaris, will continue to work. For matters pertaining to my new employer, Nexenta, you can use My personal e-mail address of remains unchanged. Now please standby while I go reinforce the spam filters...


Pablo said…
Hi Garrett:

Thanks for your hard work at Sun/Oracle (and NetBSD ;), and I'll wish you the best future in your new employer.

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