illumos Interest Groups

So, I've been asked by several people who are involved with OpenSolaris User Groups around the world about illumos.

Given the clear demise of OpenSolaris, it seems to me at least, to be kind of silly to continue to meet using that name.

Some groups have reverted to pure Solaris usage. Which is fine for those groups that want to focus on Oracle products and want to come under the Oracle umbrella that it has for user groups.

For groups that are more interested in open technology, perhaps it is time to start up some "illumos interest groups" (IIGs)? (Calling them "User Groups" at this point seems rather premature... I think there are only a very few of us that are actually "using" illumos at this point.. but I hope that number to grow very much very soon. :-)

Btw, are there any folks interested in illumos in either Riverside County or North San Diego County? (California) I'd be interested in participating in an interest group if there was one that didn't require me to drive over an hour to get to.


abionic said…
i didn't get even any Google Group for the same... may be you (best suited) can start one, to make a start in this direction
Paul Johnston said…
Any idea on whem illumos availability will be more widespread?
A very rough ETA somewhere along the lines of x-y months from now would be great.
Thanks for all the hard work.

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