New illumos logo

Today at the OpenStorage Summit 2010, I unveiled the new illumos logo. We will be updating our branding, which also includes a new font, and other elements, over the next few weeks.

There were other updates on illumos that I covered in this talk. I think this was recorded, but I'm not sure right now where it was recorded and how to acces it. I'll be sure to share that when I find out.


Anonymous said…
Very stylish. Miles better than the original logo.
Torbjorn said…
Great logo. Can you put the vector graphic version of it out for download?
Lewis said…
So my first thoughts are that this logo looks like it was knocked up in about fifteen minutes. I think it's terrible.

I am not a graphic designer, but to my eye there is far too much white space around the bird. Take most other successful logos: Ubuntu (circle), OpenSolaris (circle), Red Hat logo (circle/square), Apple (circle), etc.

Then there's the fact that it is a phoenix. It's very cute and I get the symbolism but I strongly feel that moving past OpenSolaris is critical - the ties back to the founding of illumos are distracting from the project, at least for me.

I want illumos to stand on its own, I appreciate the heritage but I don't want it forced down my throat at every opportunity.

Why not take this back to the drawing board, maybe get a designer enthusiastic to the cause involved and take things from there?
Anonymous said…

Unknown said…
i'm impressed. it's a really nice logo. what fonts will you be using?
Torbjorn said…
Andrew: That video is made private by the owner. Can you please open it up?
David T. said…
Check out the logo for SkySQL:
Unknown said…
Rather than following the herd and using a cliché design, you should instead strive for something that is uniquely recognizable. I’ve always appreciated the Evernote logo in this regard: nice logo
Garrett D'Amore said…
Deborah, I made that logo years ago, and its been part of the illumos identity for nearly 5 years. I didn't follow the herd, although I may have led them. I realize you're just trying to market your own logo design services, but you might want to do at least a little research when critiquing, and maybe try to be a little less transparent in your own self-marketing.

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