New audio driver

I've just pushed

changeset: 13278:dabee83e3bb7
tag: tip
user: Garrett D'Amore
date: Mon Jan 31 17:40:15 2011 -0800
519 RFE audiocmihd
Reviewed by:
Reviewed by:
Reviewed by:
Reviewed by:
Approved by:

This represents the first significant contribution to illumos by a third party other than Nexenta, and is also the first hardware driver illumos has support for which Solaris does not. This is for ASUS Xonar cards.

You can tell you have a card that could benefit from this if prtconf -vp | grep pci13f6,8788 shows a result.

I expect this will be introduced soon into a forthcoming OpenIndiana build. Enjoy, and a big thanks again to 4Front Technologies for making this contribution!


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