Welcome to new Nexentians

I'd like to take a minute to publicly welcome the following engineers, who are well known in the OpenSolaris community, to my team within Nexenta.

Dan McDonald - Dan just started today, and joins us from Oracle (and previously Sun), where he was one of the lead engineers on IPsec and networking security in general. He's also famous as the creator of the internal "punchin" tool used by Sun engineers for many years. At Nexenta he'll be doing some different things, but also will be our go-to man for issues involving the TCP/IP stack within NexentaStor and we expect to see contributions coming from him back into illumos.

Andrew Stormont - Andy started on Jan 1, and is our first software engineer in the UK. He's known for creating the StormOS desktop distribution based on XFCE on top of Nexenta Core Platform. We're looking forward to capitalizing on the synergy of StormOS and Nexenta Core Platform forward.

Roland Mainz - Roland is known throughout the community as "Mr. Ksh93", and previously was the contributor of the single largest integration from the open community into OpenSolaris. We expect he'll be continuing some of the work on improving our userland within illumos, fixing ksh93 bugs, and doing some other interesting things which should result in a direct improvement in measurable quality for both illumos and NexentaStor.

So, please join me in welcoming these three engineers to the Nexenta team, and also recognizing their past and future contributions into the illumos open source community.


Unknown said…
Guys, welcome on board! I'm happy to see you all joining us, and in particular: Dan, Andrew, and Roland. Let's create some exciting stuff that people can use. Let's make *it* - even better.

Alex Aizman
Richard Elling said…
Welcome aboard! I am very proud and honored to have you on the team.
Unknown said…
The best new at this week! Woooohoooo!!!
Anonymous said…
Yes, a hugh welcome! only if it was possible to get all of former SUN folks to join Nexenta.:-(


Unknown said…
Congratulations -- and clearly the battle is joined for most Sun veterans! ;)
Anonymous said…
maybe nexenta can also hire Nicolas Williams, who has departed form oracle:-)

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