giving up on iprb

Due to snafus with the various legal departments involved, we seem to have hit another roadblock getting iprb open sourced. (Why is it that whenever lawyers get involved, everything seems to take five times longer than it otherwise would? Do corporate lawyers bill by the hour just like their normal "free-agent" counterparts?)

Rather than continue to wait for this to get resolved, I've decided to move forward and get some of the important fixes into iprb even though it is still closed source. Most notably, my changes allow iprb to support suspend-to-ram, and fast reboot.

I've submitted the RTI for these changes, so hopefully this will be in either build 115 or (more likely) build 116. As far as opening the actual source up -- even though there is nothing in the source that is not already made public by Intel -- I'm not holding my breath.


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