spwr opensource and GLDv3?

If you'd like the spwr driver to be open sourced and GLDv3 compliant (with VLAN support, link notification, dladm and ndd support, and the rest of the goodies), and have a few spare cards that you can give me, please feel free to contact me. I'm willing to do the work as a side project.

I'm also interested in obtaining 100Base-X fiber cards, and fiber cables (VF45 format), especially if someone also has access to the 3M VOL-N100VF+TX card (which is theoretically supported by "afe", but which I'm not entirely convinced works properly because I've never actually had a card on hand that I could test!) I need cards and cable... at the moment I have neither.

Note that this is not Sun commissioned work, but an interesting side project that caught my interest. If nobody replies with hardware, then its unlikely that I'll do any of the work.


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