hme for x86 RTI submitted

I've just submitted the RTI for hme. If the RTI advocate approves it in time, it will be in build 115, otherwise in build 116. This will allow you to use your old PCI qfe boards with OpenSolaris on x86 systems.

It also represents a significant simplifications of the code. Thanks to the folks who've helped with testing!


Unknown said…
I think you once mentioned you are working also on a skunkwork project, i.e. converting cassini driver to GLDv3. How is the progress? Is it still on the agenda? That would be really nice thing to have for this powerful hardware. There are still lots lots of cassini around.
Unknown said…
The conversion of ce was shelved since I learned that owners of the driver have no interest in even considering such a major change. It would take a lot to convince me to pick that work back up (starting first and foremost with assurances that the effort actually had some chance of ultimately integrating into Nevada -- assuming that quality and performance concerns were addressed.)

Right now I wouldn't hold your breath -- ce is probably never going to be converted to GLDv3.
Unknown said…
btw, I just pushed the hme changes... it made it in time for build 115.

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