Call for testers: audioemu10K

I've just posted another update to the audioemu10k package. This update completely redesigned the underlying timing and interrupt support, and as a result it should work better with Suspend/Resume (without getting engine underruns.)

I've posted a webrev as well, and would really appreciate help with codereview.

Additionally, I've fixed the mixer a bit, to the point that I'm confident that a number of devices work perfectly. But some don't. Here's my test results so far:

  • CT4670 -- (Sound Blaster Live!) verified 100% functional, including 4.0 surround.
  • SB0100 -- (Sound Blaster Live! 5.1) SPDIF works, 4.0 surround works, no center/lfe output in 5.1 mode. Can't figure out why. (Would love to hear advice on this one.)
  • SB0400 (Audigy 2 Value) -- works perfectly. Including full 5.1 surround, SPDIF output. I've not tested the side 7.1 channels because I don't have the necessary cable to do so.
  • SB0350 (Audigy 2 ZS Platinum) -- surround sound on rear jacks works fine in 5.1 (can't test 7.1). My expansion box appears to be kaput though (doesn't work in Linux either), so I need help testing this from someone else who has a working one.
Those are the only devices I have on hand to test, but the driver can in theory support many many more. If you can expand the supported test, please let me know.



Unknown said…
Thanks a lot for doing this, I've been waiting for out-of-the-box emu10k driver in Solaris for years. I cannot find the package on the above link, though (it shows page with empty contents).
Unknown said…
The XWiki transition messed up the page slightly. You have to click "show attachments" at the top toolbar to see the actual file list. Go figure.

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